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  • Premium quality Giclee printing on canvas, art paper, and photo paper - gallery wrap

  • High-resolution art scanning

  • Photography printing from high-resolution digital files. Please use Dropbox to upload files

  • Archival media and ink used - for optimal print longevity

  • Outstanding color accuracy and clarity

  • Top quality work at competitive prices

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

"The quality is superb!"

Mary Kollman, artist with many artworks reproduced by Durland Digital


Select client work samples

A=Acrylic   C=Collage    CC=Charcoal    CP=Colored Pencil

M=Mixed Media  O= Oil  P=Pastel  W=Watercolor

"It's never been so easy to get good prints. The service and quality are excellent". Sarah Bouwsma, Watercolor Artist Portland, OR

Durland Digital will scan your artwork at industry-leading 360 ppi* (48-bit), capturing details and subtle textures with unsurpassed clarity and accuracy.

*Scanning a 24x36 inch artwork at 360 ppi corresponds to photographing the artwork with a 120 megapixel camera.

High-Resolution Artwork Scanning

For best possible reproduction quality it is recommended that you provide the original artwork for flatbed scanning. Durland Digital can scan artworks in any media up to 36x48 inches. The scanning will generate high-resolution digital files (Up to 400 Mega-bytes per image). In case the original artwork is not available, photographic transparencies or large digital files can be used for reproduction. Durland Digital can digitize (scan) transparencies in sizes 8x10, 4x5, 120, or 35mm.

- Smaller artworks can usually be enlarged and printed up to 4 times the original size.

- Extreme care is taken to assure the integrity of your original artwork.

- Pastel paintings are scanned contact-less not to risk smearing.

- Please deliver the original artwork without a frame. (Stretched canvases are fine for scanning.)

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Color Tuning

Fully color-calibrated workflow assures accurate color matching. On completion of the color tuning, a small 8x10" proof print can be made for your approval (if you chose the proof print option) See Pricing. At this point you are welcome to visit our studio in Lake Oswego, Oregon, or the print can be mailed for your approval or correction.


Durland Digital is committed to providing artists with the highest quality art prints at affordable prices.

Passionate about working with individual artists at all levels, Durland Digital will strive to exceed your expectations.

Media Selection - all media are museum quality

Fine Art Paper

  • Canson Infinity BFK Rives - natural white luxurious mould-made lightly textured art paper, 100% cotton. Weight 310gsm .

  • Epson Cold Press Bright - white art paper with light texture. High D-max (Excellent blacks).  100% cotton. Weight 340gsm.

  • Epson Hot Press Natural - natural white smooth art paper. High D-max (Excellent blacks).  100% cotton. Weight 330gsm.

  • Epson Somerset Velvet - white enhanced art paper with lightly textured finish. 100% cotton. Weight 255gsm.

  • Epson Textured - natural white fine art paper with heavily textured surface. Available in 24x30 sheets. Cannot be rolled. 100% cotton. Weight 425gsm.

  • Epson Velvet Fine Art - bright white fine art paper. High D-max (Excellent blacks). Available in 17x22 sheets.  100% cotton. Weight 260gsm.

  • Hahnemuhle William Turner - natural white art paper with heavily textured surface. One of the finest art papers available. 100% cotton. Weight 310 gsm.


  • Epson Premium Canvas Satin - fine art canvas, cotton/polyester-blend with true artist look. Satin UV-protective coating. Thickness 19 mil.

  • Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin - heavyweight fine art canvas, bright white cotton/polyester-blend with true artist look. Excellent color gamut and black levels. Satin UV-protective coating. Thickness 23 mil.

  • Fine art canvas - matte finish. UV-protective coating. 100% cotton. Weight 422gsm.

Photo Paper

  • Epson Premium Glossy -  ultra-smooth glossy bright white paper. Thickness 10.4 mil.

  • Epson Premium Semi matte - photo paper with a satin finish. Thickness 10.7 mil.

  • Epson Ultra Premium Luster - ultra-high color gamut for vivid color reproduction. Thickness 10 mil.

  • Ilford Galerie Gold Fiber Silk - premium baryta-type fine art luster paper offers enhanced definition, extended tonal range, and excellent archival properties. Widest color gamut for vivid images. Fine Art Paper pricing applies. Thickness 12.5 mil.

  • Lexjet Premium Archival Matte -  neutral white, high contrast matte photo paper. Thickness 9.5 mil.

Note - The color profiles used by our RIP* printer software are extremely accurate, assuring true colors regardless of media chosen.

*RIP= Raster Image Processor

giclee printing Portland  - fine art printing Oregon

Sven Durland inspecting a 44x64" canvas printed on the Epson printer. This printer uses Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta inks and an optional Raster Image Processor (RIP) for even smoother print tonalities (16-bit printing).




Archival printing is provided using Epson Professional 98xx series printer with archival UltraChrome K3 Vivid Magenta pigmented inks. Combined with archival media, print longevity ratings (fading resistance) of 70 to 100+ years are achieved. Giclee prints are produced in sizes up to 44x90 inches. Prints can be made on demand with accurate and consistent color rendering every time.

Tip - Test your print master by placing a Giclee print next to the original watercolor artwork; it should be hard to tell the difference.


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40x56 inch Gallery Wrap



24x24 inch Gallery Wrap    

Mounting Option  -
    Frameless Gallery Wrap

For a contemporary look your canvas-printed artwork or photograph can be gallery wrapped on stretchers with the image visible on the edges. Professional grade 1-1/4 inch thick stretchers are used for a substantial look and feel (1-1/2 inch thickness is used for larger pieces).  

Durland Digital can extend the image digitally around the edges at no extra charge. This will allow the entire original image to fit on the front of the canvas without cropping. Black, white or colored edges can be provided as well at no extra charge.

Click here for Pricing



High-resolution Art Scanning at 360 ppi (48-bit). Includes artwork scanning, color correction and a DVD with jpeg and tiff files. An optional 8x10" proof print is available (green table below).


Original artwork size inches

Without proof print 

Incl. 8x10" proof print 


Qty. 1

2 or more artworks ea.

Qty. 1

2 or more artworks ea.

Up to 8.5 x 11





Up to 12 x 17 





Up to 16 x 22 





Up to 16 x 32





Up to 18 x 24





Up to 24 x 32





Up to 24 x 48 or 30 x 40





*A $5 surcharge applies to oil and acrylic artworks of this size.


Call or email for pricing of larger quantities or other sizes. 


Transparency scanning incl. dust and speck removal, color adjustment and sharpening: 8x10" $42 ea., 4x5" $33 ea., 120 $29 ea., 35mm slides $18 ea. Proof prints $10 ea.


Giclee prints - on ART PAPER  Choose any cotton art paper listed above in Media Selection.

Paper size


Image size


1 print


2-4 prints ea.

same image

5 or more prints ea.

same image

8.5 x 11

up to 8.2 x 10.4




12 x 16up to 11.5 x 15.5$24$22$19
13 x 19up to 12.5 x 18.5$32$29$26
17 x 22up to 16.7 x 21.5$46$41$37
18 x 24

up to 17.5 x 23.7




20 x 24up to 19.5 x 23.7$58$52$47
24 x 30

up to 23.5 x 29.5




24 x 32up to 23.7 x 31.5$89$80$72
24 x 36up to 23.7 x 35.5$98$88$79
32 x 44

up to 31 x 43



36 x 48up to 35 x 47$164$148$131

 Other sizes available.

 Call or email for pricing of larger quantities. Minimum total order: $50


Giclee prints - on CANVAS  Choose any canvas listed above in Media Selection. Includes UV-protective coating.

Print size


1 print

2-4 prints ea.

same image

5 or more prints ea.

same image

   8 x 10  (+ 1.5 inch border)




 12 x 16  (+ 1.5 inch border)




 16 x 20  (+ 1.5 inch border)$49$44$39

 16 x 24  (+ 1.5 inch border)




 18 x 24  (+ 1.5 inch border)$66$59$53
 20 x 26  (+ 1.5 inch border)$78$70$63
 20 x 30  (+ 1.5 inch border)$90$81$73
 24 x 32  (+ 1.5 inch border)$113$102$92
 24 x 36  (+ 1.5 inch border)$126$114$103
 30 x 40  (+ 2 inch border)$169$152$135
 32 x 48  (+ 2 inch border)$209$188$167
 36 x 54  (+ 2 inch border)$254$228$203
 40 x 60  (+ 2 inch border)$298$268$238

 Other sizes available. Minimum total order: $50

 Canvas lamination to 3/16" foam core is available at $8 per sqft (Max 32x40").


Gallery Wrapped CANVAS Giclee prints  - on stretcher bars.  Includes UV-protective coating, stretching and hanging hardware. Professional grade 1-1/4 inch thick stretchers are used for a substantial look and feel.  1-1/2 inch thickness is used for larger sizes. 

Stretched size inches

 12 x 16$58
 16 x 20$81
 16 x 24$97
 18 x 24    or 20 x 20$105
 20 x 24$119
 20 x 26$129
 20 x 30    or 24 x 24$144
 24 x 30$173
 24 x 36    $204
 30 x 30 $211
 30 x 40$269
 32 x 48 $327
 36 x 36$287
 36 x 54 $388
 40 x 40$338
 40 x 60$442
 40 x 70 $478



Other print sizes are available in two-inch increments  (20, 22, 24... etc.). Similar square foot price applies.

 Call or email for pricing of larger quantities.

Stretched Canvas prints for framing - available with white edges and 3/4 inch thick stretchers, at 10% off the prices listed above. Sizes: 12x16 to 24x36.


Price examples:

Scanning of a 16x22" artwork

Scanning, color correction, and a DVD: $39


Reproduction of a Half Sheet Watercolor Artwork

Scanning, color correction, DVD, and a full size print on our most luxurious paper: $85


Reproduction of a Full Sheet Watercolor Artwork

Scanning, color correction, DVD, and a full size print on our most luxurious paper: $138


One photographic print 17x22" from

high-resolution digital file:  $38


Photographic Prints  Choose photo papers listed above in Media Selection. See exception for the most expensive photo paper.

Paper size


 Image size


1 print

2-4 prints ea.

same image

5 or more prints ea.

same image

8.5 x 11up to 8.2 x 10.2$13$12$10
11 x 17up to 10.7 x 16.5$19$17$15
13 x 19up to 12.5 x 18.5$26$24$21
17 x 22up to 16.7 x 21.5$38$34$30
16 x 24up to 15.5 x 23.7$40$36$31
18 x 24up to 17.5 x 23.7$44$40$36
24 x 32 up to 23.7 x 31.7$78$70$63
24 x 36 up to 23.7 x 35.7$87$79$71
32 x 48 up to 31.7 x 47.7  $149$134$119
36 x 54 up to 35.7 x 53.7$185$166$148

 Other sizes available.

 Call or email for pricing of larger quantities.  Minimum total order: $50

 Lamination to 3/16" acid free foam core is available at $6 per sqft (Max 32x40").

Please use Dropbox to upload images

File formats: tif, psd, pdf, jpg or any raw file

in RGB color format



Not yet a Photoshop expert?

Let Durland Digital process your camera images at no extra charge:

Using state-of-the-art software, Durland Digital can scale your digital camera images to desired print size, and/or optimize for best exposure, noise reduction, and sharpness.



Customer comments

"Visiting the Durland Digital studio in Lake Oswego is a real treat for the senses. The walls are filled with large amazing photographic artworks by Sven Durland and beautiful watercolors by his wife Maud. It makes you feel like you are in an art gallery"

Turnaround Time
Scanning: Allow 3-5 business days to complete scanning and optional proof print.

Printing: Giclee prints and photographic prints can usually be made in 3-5 business days. Turnaround time for canvas gallery wraps is 6-8 business days. 

Image Archiving
All image files are backed-up and stored safely. Artwork scans include a DVD with tiff and jpg files.

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